Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oh I had so much fun making this little hutch. Of course this is not what I pictured when I started, but so be it, it was fun. I think it's kinda fun looking to....when I make something to sell I always tell myself , don't worry if it doesn't sell you can put it in your kitchen. So I guess that's what makes it hard when I'm creating. I want it to come out different, but it always comes out my style. Guess there's nothing wrong with that, at least I do know there are people out there that like that style :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Miniature Easter Cake, well if you peek below you will see my newly made Easter Sweet Board. When I woke this am, I had  it all planned in my head. It was going to be full of spring colors. Pastel Blues, pinks, yellows, wonderfully colorful. If you peeked yet you will notice that did not come to be, nope I ended up with blues and purples.

The point of that little story is the heck do I wake up with one thing in mind, and it turns out to be something completely different? How does ones brain do this on everything she makes? this is not a one time thing, it happens all the time. The really funny part of all this is if I don't have it planned, I get absolutely nothing done. I just sit there and look out the window totally blank. I think the sweet board came out nice....but it just is not that colorful one I had in mind.

The same with my dollhouse I'm building first I wanted it's morphing into shabby chic..(I vented about that yesterday in a previous post)

So after I hit the post button on this post I'll sit all this evening planning on what I will create tomorrow, oh and I'll think about it as I go to sleep, then again as I'm having my am coffee. Then I'll begin..then...we will see what it turns out to be!

So, if you read this post and you have any funny, strange or unconventional ways you create, or work,or clean..share please?

Have a great evening,

The TomKat Studio: {DIY Party Projects} Mini Cake Bunting Tutorial & Free Printable Alphabet Pages!

The TomKat Studio: {DIY Party Projects} Mini Cake Bunting Tutorial & Free Printable Alphabet Pages!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


"They say" when you build a dollhouse, if you listen carefully, it will talk to you. I had my plans all made..first I would do the Beacon Hill, that will be all Victorian decor. Hours and hours were spent studying Victorian entrance ways, living rooms, ladies bedrooms, and quarters. "They say" if your trying to make it something it doesn't want to be "it will fight you all the way". Well, my under construction dollhouse, has been pretty nice to me so far. We've had no real disagreements. Some little parts have given me a hard time, some  parts I've had a struggle fitting, but on the biggies. Until I'm having big issues with it..that Victorian theme..well that's not working out so well. If my house is talking to me, or maybe trying to whisper something in my ear....I think it would be saying...."shabby chic my dear!" In my head I'd be answering NO my dear you are just to big to be a shabby cottage! Now if you look at the pictures taking special note of the kitchen oooooh can you see it now..all that shabby chic would look so good!!

Well here I am, fighting with a wooden dollhouse...any ideas, opinions, creative overflow...I would so appreciate any to all comments :)

Progress on the Beacon Hill


Entrance Way the front door will be where you see the pink wall

The second floor stairs, need to get stair runners

First and second floors

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So I am sooo excited about this little Baker's Rack. Have been wanting to make it for awhile, used to go to bed thinking of how I wanted to do it. It did come out better than I thought about I think. Now I'm moving on to my Easter Table, tomorrow am I will start that. Sometime it surprises me what can come from a brick of clay. Well hopefully my Easter table will post tomorrow afternoon. Please stay tuned!

Chic Country Charm

Deborah Watkins Paintings: Bad day at the office

Deborah Watkins Paintings: Bad day at the office: I had one of those days yesterday, you know the kind. Apparently, I got out of the wrong side of the bed and things just kept going slightly...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

So today I spent making these Bundt Cakes with the flowers. The flowers are tricky, I bought regular silk flowers, then I cut little petals out of the large ones. I took a piece of florist wire and glued them in the shape I needed. The only thing is, I tried using regular glue but that wouldn't work,,,,and NOT to mention the mess. I persevered though, and thought hot glue. That worked much better. So here they are they are pretty I think, would look so pretty in a shabby chic setting.

I do special if you ever see something you would like customized, please feel free to contact me...Have a great day!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Good Morning,

Very early here in the North East, messy weather too. Snow and sleet on the 1st of March. Lots of storms in the middle of the county too, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who lives were effected.

Want to share this little set. It was inspired by the shabby chic kitchen room box I'm creating. I can't wait to finish it. My intentions were to sell it, but we will see.