Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oh I had so much fun making this little hutch. Of course this is not what I pictured when I started, but so be it, it was fun. I think it's kinda fun looking to....when I make something to sell I always tell myself , don't worry if it doesn't sell you can put it in your kitchen. So I guess that's what makes it hard when I'm creating. I want it to come out different, but it always comes out my style. Guess there's nothing wrong with that, at least I do know there are people out there that like that style :)


Sandy said...

It's perfect that you have your own style...I think that's the best way to design...then everyone knows who it is. It's YOU. Your flair... your look... That's what make people come back for more of your items...because its you.
Just my two cents here.
Your littles are are you and beautifully made.


Ascension said...

Me encanta tu estilo y tu trabajo.
besitos ascension