Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So...today was a day for wanting summer to be here. Thinking about the pool the garden, going to Kansas to visit my son and grand babies :). Sooo I have created this little summer set. Thinking of farmers markets, and fairs..this is what I came up with. The Lemonade was a little hard, I used liquid nails colored with food coloring, then I put pieces of lemons in there, then i blew bubbles in with a baby medicine suringe!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

So after a very long winter so far, I am finally back to work on my minis. It all started back around Dec. 6th....by Dec. 12 my dear husband was in the hospital having surgery. Open heart surgery no less. Now I know they do by pass surgery everyday..but NOT on my husband they don't. So to say the least..we didn't have much of a holiday this year....but at least he is still here with us. He was VERY sick and even the Doctors said if he didn't go in when he did..he may not be here today. So I'm very grateful for the gift I did get :) He is still very sore still, but doing well at this point. My sister in laws were a blessing...everyone was very good to us during this trying time..so I would like to thank everyone. You know even when your only the caregiver..it leaves you feeling very vulnerable. So I have been fighting alot of different feelings lately, but tonight I put together this little Valentine Cookie Set which brought back some normalised emotion..hope you enjoy!