Monday, April 29, 2013

I am So Excited

Well I did do some mini work this weekend, but that is not what I am so excited about. I have been waiting and waiting for Greenleaf to come out with their spring fling 2013, but nothing yet. But....when I went to their forums this am I found another 2013 contest! has one! So as I looked at the little starter you begin with my mind almost came undone thinking of ALL the wonderful possibilities!

So of course I did it!!! I ordered it!! Now it's the long wait for delivery, oh I know it won't take long...but it will seem like forever! Of course I can't tell about my ideas..but you will defiantly see pictures when it is complete!

Meanwhile here is what I did this weekend! Hope you enjoy!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Simple but Sweet

This little tray and pitcher was such a joy to make, simple but sweet! These trays I purchased on Ebay a while ago, I bought a "lot" of them unfinished. Seeing these pitchers on line in all sorts of colors and finishes, I searched and searched for "where to buy miniature dollhouse water pitchers" to no avail. So then I came upon how to make dollhouse miniature flower containers and bingo! I found them! I make them with card stock, then either  paint or paper them my chosen color! I think they just are so pretty with the trays! So the pattern comes in three different scales! Very easy...hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This Week

What a week, sitting in front of the news for the whole week, wanting to work on minis...but just having to watch. Staying up all night on Thursday..just to see.Feeling everything from anger to sadness, trying to believe the unbelievable. From Boston to Texas...this is America. An America that has endured so much this past week.

I heard one of Krystle Campbell's family members say he was glad suspect 2 was captured.."but it won't bring her back". Now as a step mom of a son killed in Afghanistan, I feel I can relate. It doesn't matter, not who did the bombing, not how, not just doesn't. What matters is that your loved one is gone. No one, now where, no how, can bring that person back.

So America will move on...we will be forever keep this week tucked away in out collective we do 9/11. We will forever remember the firefighters that died in Texas, the police in Boston...all of them..all the heroes.The families left behind will go on, never the same, ever wondering what would be, if this didn't happen....the rest of us we will pray for them, always keeping them close to our hearts.

America..will be fuzzed together again for the week of tragedy..forever...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This little bakers rack was awesome to make. I was feeling in the country mood. Kinda wanted to take a break from the country chic look and wanted something a little more traditional country. I just love the red gingham fabric I found in Jo Ann fabrics! Love that store!

So I made this little sweet board this week, and it took me forever to make the little sign! Now I know there are a lot of techies out there that would be laughing at me now....but this took alot of time and remakes, to figure out how to do it. I use the program snagit to edit my pictures and that's where I made it. Hope you enjoy looking :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

I am just so happy today, finally in the Northeast the sun is out and my windows are open!!!! After such a long winter this is a good anted to thing!
So today I wanted to share this little pantry that I sold on Etsy. It is one of my favorite pieces I've made. I sold it to a sweet, sweet person from Tx.
 Growing up, I had a wonderful aunt...she had a pantry like this, and it was the highlight of my day to run next door to my Aunt's house and open the pantry doors to see what was hidden. Now that I am all grown and I have to watch the waistline and try to eat's hard to believe all those goodies were not good for me. Ahh that's ok though..the memories beat the bad effects of the sweet goodies!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Good Sunday morning, up very early this am..and at work! Being the romantic that I am, sprung this little Vintage Paris styled pantry! This took two days to complete and is now up in my Etsy shop. Well here in the northeast it's suppose to be a really warm Sunday, hope you all have a very wonderful and spring Sunday!! Thank you to my two new followers this week! Thank you to Ruth too great advice!