Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Love the Fall

Chic little Pumpkins

So today is such a pretty fall day. It brings back wonderful memories for me, of the day when my boys were small. It was all about them returning to school after a long summer vacations. In those days kids didn't have computers, or video games to keep them glued my boys played outdoors all summer long. Then it would back to school, with the trips to the apple orchards, and mom always chaperoned. After dropping them off at the bus stop, it would be home to do the chores, then always baking them an after school treat. Plan dinner..then to work on my crafts. There was always something to work on, making homemade xmas decorations...or maybe little dough people. No I wasn't a working mom when my boys were small, I was a stay at home mom. Those days were good ones., with dirty little faces and hands everywhere, with sooo much laundry and busy, busy days. How I miss them. The good part now is though, I get to watch them having those kind of days with their kids and I get to do things like this.