Monday, April 8, 2013

I am just so happy today, finally in the Northeast the sun is out and my windows are open!!!! After such a long winter this is a good anted to thing!
So today I wanted to share this little pantry that I sold on Etsy. It is one of my favorite pieces I've made. I sold it to a sweet, sweet person from Tx.
 Growing up, I had a wonderful aunt...she had a pantry like this, and it was the highlight of my day to run next door to my Aunt's house and open the pantry doors to see what was hidden. Now that I am all grown and I have to watch the waistline and try to eat's hard to believe all those goodies were not good for me. Ahh that's ok though..the memories beat the bad effects of the sweet goodies!!!

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Ruth said...

Yes, I can relate :) My Nana was from England and I was raised on trifle, pudding, scones and I follow a gluten free, dairy free, no refined sugars diet for health reasons...booo! But I love included miniature deserts in my mini scenes!
I'm on the case creating you some nice cookbooks. A friend of mine is going to walk me through the process on Gimp! I can't wait to surprise you with my creations!