Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This Week

What a week, sitting in front of the news for the whole week, wanting to work on minis...but just having to watch. Staying up all night on Thursday..just to see.Feeling everything from anger to sadness, trying to believe the unbelievable. From Boston to Texas...this is America. An America that has endured so much this past week.

I heard one of Krystle Campbell's family members say he was glad suspect 2 was captured.."but it won't bring her back". Now as a step mom of a son killed in Afghanistan, I feel I can relate. It doesn't matter, not who did the bombing, not how, not just doesn't. What matters is that your loved one is gone. No one, now where, no how, can bring that person back.

So America will move on...we will be forever keep this week tucked away in out collective we do 9/11. We will forever remember the firefighters that died in Texas, the police in Boston...all of them..all the heroes.The families left behind will go on, never the same, ever wondering what would be, if this didn't happen....the rest of us we will pray for them, always keeping them close to our hearts.

America..will be fuzzed together again for the week of tragedy..forever...

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Ruth said...

Sorry to hear about all of those distressing things you're dealing with.
Take Care,