Thursday, March 8, 2012

Miniature Easter Cake, well if you peek below you will see my newly made Easter Sweet Board. When I woke this am, I had  it all planned in my head. It was going to be full of spring colors. Pastel Blues, pinks, yellows, wonderfully colorful. If you peeked yet you will notice that did not come to be, nope I ended up with blues and purples.

The point of that little story is the heck do I wake up with one thing in mind, and it turns out to be something completely different? How does ones brain do this on everything she makes? this is not a one time thing, it happens all the time. The really funny part of all this is if I don't have it planned, I get absolutely nothing done. I just sit there and look out the window totally blank. I think the sweet board came out nice....but it just is not that colorful one I had in mind.

The same with my dollhouse I'm building first I wanted it's morphing into shabby chic..(I vented about that yesterday in a previous post)

So after I hit the post button on this post I'll sit all this evening planning on what I will create tomorrow, oh and I'll think about it as I go to sleep, then again as I'm having my am coffee. Then I'll begin..then...we will see what it turns out to be!

So, if you read this post and you have any funny, strange or unconventional ways you create, or work,or clean..share please?

Have a great evening,


Sandy said...

Oh gosh, you crack me up. I so get where you are coming from. Things can change at the drop of a hat that is. I do the same thing..think, think, think..then start working and it's a total different ending. But, I figure that's what is meant to be. I've had minis for years, going in and out of phases with them. I'm not want the 'shabby' too. I'm certainly changing my's going to be all "Ice-creamy" as I call it. Soft, sweet and yummy. Today I seem to be fondling my littles...making vignettes and playing. Hope you are having fun with yours.
Please come over for a visit and follow when you get a chance.

Have a fun filled playful weekend.
PS love your little food, even if it's different than you's FANTASTIC.

Sandy said...

Mistake on last post... I WANT the shabby. Not, not want. Scare me..can I type.

Bonnie's miniature Bakery said...

Thank you for your kind co mets about my little food. Now an "ice-creamy" mini wonderful...I just wish sometimes all these wonderful mini things we all make......why can't they be in our "big" kitchens :)

You too have. Wonderful weekend..thanks for visiting

Little hugs...from my little house!