Wednesday, March 7, 2012


"They say" when you build a dollhouse, if you listen carefully, it will talk to you. I had my plans all made..first I would do the Beacon Hill, that will be all Victorian decor. Hours and hours were spent studying Victorian entrance ways, living rooms, ladies bedrooms, and quarters. "They say" if your trying to make it something it doesn't want to be "it will fight you all the way". Well, my under construction dollhouse, has been pretty nice to me so far. We've had no real disagreements. Some little parts have given me a hard time, some  parts I've had a struggle fitting, but on the biggies. Until I'm having big issues with it..that Victorian theme..well that's not working out so well. If my house is talking to me, or maybe trying to whisper something in my ear....I think it would be saying...."shabby chic my dear!" In my head I'd be answering NO my dear you are just to big to be a shabby cottage! Now if you look at the pictures taking special note of the kitchen oooooh can you see it now..all that shabby chic would look so good!!

Well here I am, fighting with a wooden dollhouse...any ideas, opinions, creative overflow...I would so appreciate any to all comments :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie! I have just started rebuilding my dollhouse, after leaving it in the attic for years and this time I know exactly what I want for my house. If you feel in the shabby-chic mood and looking at your house in previous post, I think you should go for the shabby-chic!! I adore your blog and will follow, can't wait to see the progress on your house. Jannet

Bonnie's miniature Bakery said...

Hi Jannet, I so appreciate your following, thank you! Oh do please tell what are your plans? Sounds like something sparked your interest, in getting it done. I am trying to take my time deciding on mine, as I said I wanted Victorian but I think it wants chic..we'll see! I am looking forward to hearing your plans for your house! Have a ggreat Day!!!!