Monday, September 30, 2013

It's The Witching time favorite time of the year!!

I love the fall, and so far this fall has been awesome. Sept. was sooo beautiful, cool crisp days and wonderful days for those afternoon siesta's. Shhhhh...:)
Halloween is one the best holiday of all I hassles but yet you can decorate and dress up in silly costumes! I love hearing the grand kids get sooo excited about their costumes, and parties!
I also love the fairs, and baking apple pies...the anticipation of Thanksgiving...oh I am soooo looking forward to that turkey! So to celebrate this holiday and season, I wanted to share with you some new minis I've been working on. Hope you en joy them!

Pretty Faerie Candles

Witches Cauldron purple, my favorite witch color!

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