Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back from Kansas??????

First I would like to say is thank you to my new followers, I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!
  Yes you heard me right back from Kansas, took a very long train ride to visit my son and 3 grandchildren, David, Madison and Stirling (twin 10 year old identical twins). David is 8 and of course the apple of grandmas eye! while I was there the girls only got grandma confused once..with the "I'm not Madison I'm Stirling" thing and we did find out David was accepted in the gifted program in his school! Grandma and Dad were so proud! Now though I am a little insecure about it...hope he does well...because it would bother him terrible!
  My son really did out do himself this year,,,we were really on the go, movies to see the new 3D monster inc. movie, Science City, a water park, chunky much fun to do all that with them..but all good things come to an last week I boarded my train for the very long ride home.
  Now though I find I am really having a hard time getting back into my routine. I did reopen my Etsy store, and I hope writing this will help ease me back into things.
  The really good news though, is when I was away I took too my old love of crocheting...of all things...I started crocheting baby things...made like 3 blankets, little hats, I am really giving thought to opening a second Etsy store with Crochet baby items.
  Well we will see...maybe if I post some pics here some of you could give me your thoughts on what you think on my things...?
  Do have to run...have a blessed and great day!

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