Monday, April 29, 2013

I am So Excited

Well I did do some mini work this weekend, but that is not what I am so excited about. I have been waiting and waiting for Greenleaf to come out with their spring fling 2013, but nothing yet. But....when I went to their forums this am I found another 2013 contest! has one! So as I looked at the little starter you begin with my mind almost came undone thinking of ALL the wonderful possibilities!

So of course I did it!!! I ordered it!! Now it's the long wait for delivery, oh I know it won't take long...but it will seem like forever! Of course I can't tell about my ideas..but you will defiantly see pictures when it is complete!

Meanwhile here is what I did this weekend! Hope you enjoy!


Ruth said...

It's always exciting planning a new project isn't it?
I've ordered a couple of miniatures this month and am eagerly waiting for them to arrive.

Bonnieslittlehouse said...

Yes, but when I get too many going....I start hearing about all the "stuff" from my dear husband!

Lemon Chic said...

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