Friday, October 19, 2012

So today here in Ct. was a very rainy day. The rain just fell in sheets, the way it was coming down you just knew that will be snow coming down like that in a couple of months. It is also the 1 year anniversary of last year's Oct. snowfall that left us with no power for a complete week. Lol and I remember how I cried when it finally came back on, one week to the day.

(still thinking about those summer time fruity desserts..I love them!)
So although I had no intentions on working on minis today, I really could not clean, being I have three little dogs..and they run in and out all the time, I said no cleaning today, just will have to clean it over tomorrow. So I though I share what I did do today. Hope tomorrow is better :)


Ruth Ramaekers said...

Those mino pies look quite delicious! You have created quite a lovely blog. Hugs from Canada, Ruth

Bonnie's miniature Bakery said...

Hi Ruth,
Sorry it took me so long to reply..but if you read the above post...that explains it! Thank you so much for the compliments and for the hugs from Canada..and hugs back to you from Ct. in the USA