Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So the Holidays are creeping up on us

So here I am, I completely abandoned my poor Beacon Hill. I feel sooo bad about that. I have been working so hard trying to get my Etsy Shop ready for the Holidays,,,,and feeling a little good about that :) So here of a few things I have made that I would like to share.

I do so love making minis, and my mind just goes round and round about things to create. Alot of the time I have to remind myself that I am getting way ahead of myself. Most of all I love that it takes my mind off all other things. It's like just me and my minis in the world! I love it!  Then there are those times I have to come back to reality, have to eat, shop, pay bills, etc. I ALWAYS find my way back though....always!


Ruth Ramaekers said...

Lovely! If you like shabby chic you should check out cindarellamoments blog. It's rather nice... :)

Bonnie's miniature Bakery said...

Oh, thank you Ruth I definitely will! I followed your blog it is truly lovely. I read that your grandpa was sick and you lost him? I am so sorry to hear that. Hope I have the details right. It is so nice to meet you! I love meeting people that love mini's too! Have made so many wonderful online friends :)